#FringeFemmes 2024: Meet Victoria Montalbano

By Constance Strickland

June is here and “Women on the Fringe” are again onstage!

There is nothing quite like the buzz that’s created during the Hollywood Fringe. It is a time filled with risk-taking, courage, hope and independent artists creating new work by any means necessary. Each year, I ask women writers a new series of questions influenced by the Proust Questionnaire and Bernard Pivot’s French series, “Bouillon de Culture.” The goal is to understand the artist’s work and their full nature while allowing them a space to reveal their authentic self. It is a great gift and a true honor to introduce women who will be presenting work in myriad genres, exploring a wide range of topics that allow us to examine who we are as individuals and as a society.

Introducing Victoria Montalbano and her show, “The Princess Strikes Back: One Woman’s Search for the Space Cowboy of her Dreams.

Victoria Montalbano

Constance: What do you hope audience members take away after experiencing your show?

Victoria: I hope they’re laughing through tears!

Constance: What’s been your biggest challenge in terms of your development/creation process?

Victoria: I developed the show through Storytelling, so the biggest challenge was putting the 8-10 minute stories together to create a seamless, 60 minute arc. Also the pandemic. I’ve been doing the show for 3 years, so much of the development process was during the pandemic, when I couldn’t do any in-person staged readings. I ended up doing for people over zoom and having them give me feedback individually.

Constance: What are you enjoying most as you create your show?

Victoria: I love how each audience is different. I never get tired of doing the show, because even though it’s fully scripted, it’s very conversational, so the audience really does affect each performance.

Constance: What has been the most surprising discovery?

Victoria: Certain lines in the show, that are not jokes, somehow get laughs more often than not!

Constance: The work will be given away soon. How does that feel?

Victoria: Well, I’ve been giving the work away at Fringe Festivals across the country for the last 3 years. It doesn’t feel like I’m giving it away. The more people that experience the story, the more it grows, it’s like blowing up a giant balloon filled with Star Wars based double entendre.

Constance: How long have you been sitting with this work?

Victoria: About 6 years total!

Constance: Why Fringe? Why this year?

Victoria: If you’re an independent artist who wants to tour, Fringe Festivals are the best way to do it. In general, it is more affordable than producing independently, and most festivals have a built in audience. I’ve been touring the US Fringe circuit for 3 years, and I’m just getting started! It’s purely logistical that I made it to Hollywood this year. I was also accepted to the San Diego Fringe, which is the last 2 weeks of May, so it made sense to do both festivals back to back!

Constance: If there is anything else that must be said, please say it!

Victoria: Just that I have 2 more shows, Thursday, 6/27 at 7pm and Saturday, 6/29 at Midnight! http://www.victorianotvicky.com/

For info and tickets visit https://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/10624

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