We like to serve as a springboard to help LA-area theatermakers connect to female playwrights and theater artists, a starting point for women artists to investigate opportunities locally, and a source for theatergoers who want to support the work of women onstage.

If you are a female theater artist, you ARE a resource: Send us your information! If you know of more resources for playwrights, have updates or are part of an organization we should know about, email us at [email protected].

For LA Theatermakers

The women playwrights and theater artists below are active in supporting the goals of the LAFPI.  Use this list to see whether their talents can help you do the same.



Click Here to check out the Female Director Database from 365  Women a Year!


To add yourself to the list above, send your name, category (more than one’s okay) and website or contact info along with (if you’d like) 10 words or less about you and/or your work to [email protected].

For Female Playwrights

This is a place for submission opportunities, groups and theaters of interest to women playwrights, regardless of location. (Click Here for LA-area female directors and producers!)


Please let us know if any of this information is no longer correct or if a link is broken so we can update or remove inaccurate listings as soon as possible.

 Women in the Arts & Media Coalition

Women in the Arts & Media Coalition have teamed up to take over the WomenArts funding newsletters. The Coalition is compiling and sending out both #StageOpps (theatre) and #ScreenOpps (film/video) monthly submission opportunities, with both available on the  Women in the Arts & Media Coalition.

Play Submission Helper Blog

Lists theaters and playwriting contests; often designates those looking specifically for plays by female playwrights, or featuring strong women characters.

The Playwrights’ Center Writer’s Opportunities

This extensive database of information contains information on contests, theaters, publication and submission opportunities.

Groups and Theaters of Interest to Women Playwrights

50/50 in 2020 (NYC)

Working proactively for parity for professional women theater artists. Facebook group fostered by New Perspectives Theater Company, Women’s Project, and The League of Professional Theater Women.

Guerrilla Girls on Tour! (NYC)

An anonymous touring theater collective that creates comic pieces addressing sexism and discrimination in the performing arts and beyond.  The Girls’ blog is a great way to find out what’s going on across the country in terms of gender parity in theater and to get inspiration from their fighting words . . . and actions!

Hedgebrook (Washington state)

Founded to nurture and support the work of women writers, based in Washington state; works in partnership with major regional theaters.

Honor Roll! 

Honor Roll! is an advocacy and action group of women+ playwrights over 40 as well as our women+ over 40 allies. The term “women+” refers to a spectrum of gender identification that includes women, non-binary identifiers and trans. Visit the Members Profile Project.

International Centre for Women Playwrights

Dedicated to the support of female dramatists around the world, maintains an active listserv and other activities.

League of Professional Theater Women (NYC)

The League of Professional Theatre Women is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to promote visibility and increase opportunities for women in the Professional Theatre.

Los Angeles Women’s Theater Festival

The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (LAWTF) empowers women artists to engage and inspire communities through the production of multidisciplinary solo performers and educational outreach. The Annual Festival honors the achievement of extraordinary women in theater.

Playwrights Foundation (Bay Area)

Playwrights Foundation is dedicated to discovering and supporting local and national American playwrights across a broad spectrum of artistic and career positions, in the inception and development of new plays that speak to and from an increasingly diverse society.

Tennessee Women’s Theater Project (Nashville)

Based in Nashville, dedicated to giving voice to women through theater arts.

Theatre Roscius

Theatre Roscius, a Los Angeles-based experimental performance art theatre troupe, was founded on the simple idea that stories must be shared. That the simple act of sharing, when individuals gather to explore the many facets of being human, ultimately reveals our hidden similarities, and people otherwise easily mistaken for strangers, foreigners, outcasts, when put together in one room, can find they have always known one another.  Theatre Roscius aims to create innovative, relevant, and compassionate theatre.

WomenArts (Berkeley)

A worldwide community of artists and allies that works for empowerment, opportunity, and visibility for women artists. WomenArts provides a variety of free online networking, fundraising and advocacy services WomenArts also organizes Support Women Artists Now Day (SWAN Day), an annual international holiday celebrating women’s creativity in all its forms. We believe in the power of women artists to create, connect, and change the world.

Women’s Project (NYC)

As the nation’s oldest and largest company dedicated to producing and promoting theater created by women, Women’s Project remains the magnetic force field for innovative artists and adventurous theatergoers from around the world.

Women’s Institute for Freedom of Press

For LA Theatergoers

Help us support women playwrights and deliver a big box office message to LA-area theaters: it pays to hire women.  Make it a point to see Women at Work Onstage.  


Check out LAFPI news and also our eBlast archives – newsletters with events, submission opportunities, updates about where women are working and other info of interest to playwrights.

The Facts

Some gender parity statistics from over the last century.