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Are you part of a forward-thinking theater or organization who’s ready to say, “We’re with the FPI?”

By displaying our Logo on your website, programs and marketing materials, you’ll play an important role by delivering a gentle but necessary reminder to theatergoers and the LA theater community.

(It’s also a simple way for individual artists to promote positive action!)

With a little vigilance, we can all help ensure that women’s voices are heard – loud and clear – on Los Angeles stages.

So help us help you – flash your Badge and help spread the word.

Click Here to get yours!

The Logo is an essential part of LA Female Playwrights Initiative.  It was inspired by the cruelty-free logos we look for on cosmetics and other products, as well as the American Humane Association logo that audiences now expect to see included on a film’s end credits.  We wanted to raise awareness of the dire situation we’re in at present, while keeping our sense of humor.  In essence, we’re saying: “No female playwrights were harmed . . .”

Questions? Visit our FAQs.

6 thoughts on “The Logo

  1. I will plan to put your logo on my program for my solo show at Fringe, FERTILE. There will be a lot of ladies coming out to see this show and I look forward to connecting them with you!

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