All Hail #FringeFemmes! Meet Joy Regullano

By Constance Strickland

We know that when there is cultural and racial equality in theatre, it makes room for artists of all walks of life to contribute to the history of theatre. It is vital that we make room, make way for women from all backgrounds to have a chance to be included in the future of theatre. With excitement I introduce Joy Regullano, a first time Fringer and fringe scholarship recipient in the house! Joy’s #HFF19 musical, SUPPORTIVE WHITE PARENTS, is a hilarious example of following your dreams even if it breaks the dream our parents imagined for you.  

Constance: How long have you’ve been sitting with this work? What led you to Fringe and why now?

Joy: I had this idea kicking around in my brain for a while, but finally got down to writing it when I took a UCB class in January 2018. I had been wanting to put it in Fringe since then, but I didn’t get around to rehearsing it and getting the music written until Fringe had already passed. So I applied for the Fringe scholarship as soon as I was able to and got it! Then I was like, well, now I have to do it at the Fringe haha. It kicked my butt into gear.

Constance: The work is now out there. How does that feel?

Joy: It feels really cathartic to have written this, since it deals with a lot of family stuff I’ve been working through. It also feels really great that so many people seem to be resonating with it. Even though this is a deeply personal story, pretty much everyone has parents, and most people can understand wanting your parents to love you for who you are.

Constance:  What has been the biggest discovery or surprise doing your show?

Joy: It’s fun finding new bits every time we perform it. I’m so fortunate to have an incredibly talented cast that’s gifted in improv, so we keep it loose and fun while still keeping it tight. (Oxymoron, I know.) And it’s surprising that this piece resonates with so many people. I filled it with all my life’s specifics (I’m got tired of changing my family’s names – I’ve written so much about them), and yet people still find a lot in it that they can relate to. The standing o’s have been really surprising, and I’m so grateful!

Constance: What’s been your biggest challenge in terms of the Fringe?

Joy: It’s always hard to coordinate 7 people’s schedules, especially if the 7 people in question are actors in LA. It’s also been hard to get butts in seats–I get it, LA folks are busy. 

Constance: What do you hope audience members take away from your show?

Joy: I hope that if they are parents, they learn to see and love their children for who they are instead of trying to mold them into a perfect idea of what they think their child should be. And if they’re not parents, I hope they can learn to radically accept their own parents (and really everyone in their life) for who they are. We’re all doing the best we can. We’re all only human. We’re imperfect and flawed, and that’s okay. And if they’re Broadway producers… 

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Joy Regullano