Let’s Make a Deal

by Analyn Revilla

We’ve all probably experienced times when we haven’t been treated fairly.  

Remember the TV game show “Let’s Make a Deal”? Sometimes the player would choose a door that would reveal a goat, instead of a brand new car.

One of my hardest experience, since Bruno’s accident and dealing with the aftermath of that event, was to face up to someone in power for bullying.  In hindsight, I had no choice.  I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t speak up.  

Even if there are laws to help protect human rights, it still takes one person to speak up to make the law effective  It could be a witness who steps up to bring about transparency to the mistreatment of a human being by another; or the person themselves being victimized who says “Stop.”, “Enough!”.  When I spoke up for myself, I felt an enormous relief. It was the most freeing experience I’ve had in a very long time since I started to shrink under the weight and pressure of the bullying.  

I think it begins with being aware of the situation and accepting the “what is”.  Sometimes, the situation can seem daunting and unbelievable.  Denial of the ‘what is’ perpetuates the ongoing victimization.  Awareness and accepting are key to bringing forth action.

Coming to a resolution is a long and tough road. But step by step, I work on being at peace with what’s at hand.  I remind myself that It’s just this. Then, I can think and see my options and choose what is right for me. 

My Mom texted a story to me today.  A friend of hers went to the doctor with her son.  The doctor said everything was fine.  The mother and son went to the pharmacy at the mall to fill out a prescription.  Afterwards, they walked around the mall and then the mother collapsed and died.  My Mom attended the funeral today.

It makes me think that it does not matter whether I’ve been dealt a good hand, a bad hand, or nothing much at all – I just have to deal.  Accept it and keep on dealing.  I texted back my Mom and told her to keep on loving and that I love her.

I’ll take the goat instead of the car!

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  1. I so felt your writing today – the dynamics of being bullied and trying to find your balance afterwards – such a complicated dynamic. Thank you for writing this!

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