New Ideas

I deleted about four posts before I finished them. Not just because they weren’t decent, but because my heart wasn’t in them. They were about old projects; right now even a story less than a month old seems too old to me. That may be a result of the theatre gorging I did last month.

I want to write new ideas, I want to flesh out the ideas gathering literal cobwebs in my files. So as much as my love and dedication to current projects has not faltered, I must look forward.

I have this idea:

for a collaborative project that can be multi-platform and change perception.

for writing fantasy and sharing a world with other writers without fearing work will be stolen.

to change people’s ideas about Planned Parenthood through theatre.

a storytelling thread that I tried out on the Hollywood Fringe Festival Cabaret Stage and would like to try again.

this character who exists entirely on Twitter.

a theory about a Town Crier.

There. Now I have to write them.

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