Monster Inside You

I’ve always written things. Since I was small, writing and telling stories was just part of my life. I followed an acting dream to NYU and within a month switched to directing and design.

Writing always followed me but I never focused on it. I don’t know why.

Whenever I work on a piece, I start by tearing it down and building from the ground up, discovering the structure as I go. As a director, I always chose plays that required more imagination than simply a kitchen sink. Whenever I went the kitchen sink route, I utterly failed. It’s just not my niche.

Writing is the clear solution. So why not the focus? Recently I defined the underlying reason : The Ursula Effect. Getting past the monster inside me who says people won’t like my voice, who says I will hear that one word to kill all drive:


I can’t believe I even included it in this blog. That’s the equivalent to screaming “MacBeth” as a community theater is about to open a production of Sweeney Todd.

How do you stomp on this monster and move onto writing? I essentially wrestle with her until I punch her out.

Time to put on the boxing gloves. Chat later.