Zombies, Regency and Women on the Fringe 2014!

Women on the Fringe!

LA FPI Video Blog featuring female playwrights @ the Hollywood Fringe Festival

We are excited to be back at the Fringe viewing new work by women playwrights for LA FPI’s Women on the Fringe. And thank you Hollywood Fringe for having LA FPI back.

Susan Sassi is one hard-working writer, producer and actor!  Sassi’s Victorian Courting & Zombies is a hilarious musical romp where zombies run amok amongst aristocrats of the Regency period.  Much like we all run amok at the Fringe while dodging traffic, finding parking and our seats (with camera in tow) in the nick of time, but in much more comfortable clothing.

Due to the Regency period’s societal hierarchy, the upper class were most often viewed by the common folk as sublime and fantastical, fiction-like, or in this case, as zombies who run with the “in crowd.” Inspired by Jane Austin, the work structurally and ideally mimics the period by using fantastical creatures who rub elbows with Dukes, attend formal balls and even propose all in zombie-like fashion.

We loved the comedic timing of this work. The actors’ chemistry and energy billowed throughout the audience and beyond, making us want to jump right in and sing along.

Susan, thanks for the great writing and fun times with the Funktard sisters.  We can’t wait to see what happens to them next!  We could watch your show again and again. We’re suckers for zombies.  Enjoy the video.

A special thank you to Susan Sassi and the cast and crew.

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