Any Ideas?

Where do ideas come from?

I realized after I had completed my plays, it was time to start a new one, but I was at a loss. Previous plays had begun with a project I wanted to submit to that gave me a place to start from, an idea to build on. But it wasn’t until there was no specific project to write for, did I realize I was out of ideas. Well, not necesszrily out of ideas, but no idea where to start. And that had me thinking, where do ideas come from?

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Do you make a wish for potential story lines and ideas?

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I never thought of how a play starts. It’s just a story after all. 

A story you feel you need to tell. A problem you need to fix. 

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There are no new ideas. Just different ways to approach them. 

So what are you thinking passionately about lately? 


One thought on “Any Ideas?

  1. I WISH I was one of those people with a drawer full ideas… but must confess I’m one of those “Huh. Nothing. I guess I’ll never write another play again…”

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