#FringeFemmes Check-Ins: Emergence: First Flight

by Heather Dowling

Quick peeks at #HFF22’s “Women on the Fringe” by Fringe Femmes who are behind the scenes this year. Click Here for all Check-Ins

Fringe Femmes

WHO: Jenna Wadsworth McCarty 

WHAT:  Emergence: First Flight

WHERE: The Complex Theatre and Studios (Flight Theatre) 6476 Santa Monica Blvd

WHY: The search for purpose and self-expression is a frequent theme for Fringe shows. But Jenna Wadsworth McCarty invites the audience on a most intimate ride into her own exploration of purpose using all she is as an artist – poetry, song and even painting. With every note, and every brush stroke Jenna allows herself to be exposed and connected to everyone in the audience with passion and… well, purpose. It’s a beautiful journey honoring art and artistry as a way to express and connect.

HOW: www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/7437

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