Climate Change Theatre Action LA: At the Intersection (2019)– Photos from the event

Hello Everyone!

To round up my week of blog posts for the LAFPI– which I’ve had a blast putting together, if you couldn’t tell– I wanted to share some photo’s from yesterday’s event.

A big THANKS to all of you who came out to support these works and spent the day with us at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles!

Until next time,

Zury 🙂

“Can you believe it, Sis? The lot is full!”
Look, Ma. We made it!
Climate Change Theatre Action Co-Founder, Chantal Bilodeau (Left) and Climate Change Theatre Action Los Angeles: At the Intersection Writer-Producer, Paula Cizmar (Right).
From Left to Right: Giovanni Ortega (Director), Zury Ruiz (Me!), Chantal Bilodeau (CCTA Co-Founder), and Paula Cizmar (CCTA/LA Writer-Producer).
And the audience is trickling in…
Visions & Voices in the house!
CCTA/LA Theme Guide, written by Grafton Doyle, Zharia O’Neal, and Katrina Richard.
Artists Bio in Theme Guide
Ilana Gustafson (Manager, Performing Arts at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles) addressing the audience.
Giovanni Ortega and Paula Cizmar welcoming the audience.
Gbeke Fawehinmi in Jennie Webb’s “Beneath the Surface”.
Emma Elliott (Left) and Aliyah Muhammad (Right) in Velina Hasu Houston’s “Ms.Rambo and the Lawn”.
From Left to Right: Aliyah Muhammad, Hong Lei, and Lisa McNeely in Jennifer Maisel’s “Extinct-LA”.
Left to Right: Aliyah Muhammad, Hong Lei, Lisa McNeely, Jonathan C.K. Williams, Emma Elliott, and Gbeke Fawehinmi in Paula Cizmar’s “A Hole in the Sky”.

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