Balance the Art…

by Robin Byrd

What are you working on?  That’s a question every artist hears and asks themselves a lot.  My answer to that question for the last 10 months has been “everything but my art.”  So much so that I have overworked myself to the point of illness.  I have not had the flu for over 20 years and this past week, I have been under the weather, medicating per doctor’s order for flu-like symptoms.  I am so annoyed with myself.  I am supposed to be practicing balance.  It used to be my way of life and now I am fighting to get back there.  True, I have lost a lot this year and the pressure has sent me into a work-away-the-pain-mode but it doesn’t work away the pain, not really, you’re just tired.

What am I working on?  Me writing…writing something every day because writing is the best thing I’ve found for pain.  I can’t believe I forgot that… even for a moment.

Balance the art…

5 thoughts on “Balance the Art…

  1. Hi Robin, it is ok to lose the balance as long as you remember get back into balance. Reminds of a quote inscripted in a Japanese tea set: if you fail 7 times try 8 times.
    Get lots of rest and feel better soon. Bisous.

  2. Sorry you’ve been under the weather! Thanks for the reminder about balance… and hope the writing is healing for you 🙂

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