Yes, You Can!

by E.h. Bennett

A flurry of mental activity yesterday!

Next up, not one BUT three projects in pre-production. I am producing by voice and text from my in-home twin-size hospital bed.

Don’t let anybody ever, including yourself, tell you, you can’t!!

Titan Media Works
Bloodletting and Poe

(My slam poem, set to music, voice actors, and actor interpretors, being recorded in May and shot in June.)


Seas the Day
(My political satire, set in environs in and around art, being shot in July. Finishing shooting script in June.)


I start writing my mini-musical, Spring Eternal, in August.

Crazy how counting to the end of days became a year of starting over, anew, fresh, unjaded, free.

I am quietly sane, twisting my brain around the delicate details related to casting my team of legs and lungs.

Don’t have to do this by myself, but remember to COLLABORATE, honor creators, and feed and water everybody.

Happy Wednesday, Everybody!

2 thoughts on “Yes, You Can!

  1. Collaboration is the key! That’s how I got my plays, a web series and a film done in the past few years! 🙂 All the best to you!

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