Maybe it’s because I’m not writing now – not writing now – now writing now…(this is my brain hearing me say this over and over again) – but I seem to be finding these messages from the universe about critical thinking (and feeling).

Mostly the critical feeling part. I’ve been reading reviews of new shows opening on Broadway, and marveling at the subjective experience of what theatre critics share.


I confess to have a vested interest in this show and I was quite sure that the New York Times would dismiss it.  But instead it’s a rave.  So my radar is off on what I am afraid of versus what can really happen out there in the theatrical universe.

And then I found this article by Andrew Haydon, which in part says: “Obviously, there’s an initial massive, potential problem with the “embedded” critic. And that is the problem of readers’ trust. At root, before knowing anything about theatre, before being able to write, before even having anything like “good taste”, the one thing a critic needs is the trust of his or her readers.”

I found the rest of his article very insightful. 


And now my brain is full.


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