On Woody Allen

Back when I was a baby writing student of eighteen, there was a cute guy in my craft class who loved Woody Allen, so  I watched a bunch of Woody Allen films in rapid succession. Some of them I liked. Some of them I didn’t. There certainly were a lot of them.

Fast forward to now. Woody Allen has just had a hit with Midnight in Paris and was the subject of a PBS documentary. He’s in his seventies, and he just keeps churning out movies. Every year we get a new Woody Allen film. Some are good, and some are yawners. I loved Match Point, but I fell asleep ten minutes into Cassandra’s Dream.

I was thinking about Woody Allen when I got a rejection letter recently. No the letter was not from Woody Allen. It was from a literary manager who said the play wasn’t for her company, but if I had anything else, I should send it on. I thought, heck yeah I have something else, and I sent her another play.

As a playwright, my job is to the write the plays. Some of my plays are not bad. Some of my plays are probably not producible on this planet.  I just keep writing them and throwing them at the wall. One of them might stick.

I keep waiting to run out of ideas. Hasn’t happened yet. I’m gonna do this when I’m in my seventies. Oh no.

One thought on “On Woody Allen

  1. Congratulations, Jen, on getting a rejection letter with promise…and having something else to send. Here’s to writing and throwing at the wall… May this one stick, sprout wings and take flight…

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