Staying Relevant

I have a strange little confession to make:  I hardly watch the news anymore – instead, I read Twitter.

It’s faster, it’s concise, I can skim through piles of stories in a single sitting and hop over to those that scream at me the loudest…

Only, the overwhelming immediacy of that Twitter feed is making me sick.  It brings every blessed blemish to the forefront of my digital world to fester in my overly sensitive frontal lobe… which leads me to produce overly grandoise rants on my blog and scheme bloody cirque du soliel plays about the futile nature of our masochistic being untill my head hurts.

Sometimes, I wish we were back to newsreels and radio.

Because the world is this huge throbbing thing, and we but the meager players making it spin, and I’m not convinced that all this psycho-techno-spinning is good for the soul.

In fact, I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

And yet…  As a writer and artist, isn’t it my job to stay aware of this crazy place?   Isn’t it a responsibility to keep Rueters in my Twitter Feed and get riled up at all 140 of those damned intrusive characters?

Can I stay “relevant” if I unplug, move to the mountains, and tend goats?


I don’t know… it’s just kind of a difficult time to be living in the world, but ignoring it all isn’t going to solve anything either.

Is anyone else in the LAFPI-Sphere feeling the unbearable weightiness of our constant state of updated-ness?

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