LA Theater Task Force

FPI Meets & LA FPI Nights at the Theater:

If you’d like to see works by women with other theater lovers, we’re looking for someone to spearhead this effort.  Let us know if that’s you! Email us at [email protected].

Have you heard good things about a female-authored play and want to see it in good company? Show the theater that staging works by women is a good investment – let us help you reach out to a group and and make it an evening.

Whenever and wherever we can, we’d like to deliver the message: “The LA FPI will be there in force to support this project. It Pays to Produce Plays by Women!”


LA FPI Discounts & Special Offers:

If you’re associated with an LA-area production by a female playwright and would like to offer an LA FPI Discount to encourage LA FPI attendance, contact [email protected].  We’ll also feature the production on Women at Work Onstage.  (Just click here to send the info.)

To initiate an FPI Meet to see the work of a woman playwright in Los Angeles, contact [email protected] with the following information:

  • Production and Playwright
  • Specific Date and Showtime
  • Venue Name and Address
  • Other Info – including a website for details on the show.  (Also tell us if you’d like to arrange to meet before or after the show at a nearby restaurant, bar or coffee house! Any interested parties can contact you directly.)
  • How to Purchase or Reserve Tickets – including whether a discount is available. (This could be through a production contact; online at LA Stage Alliance, Goldstar, Plays 411; or via a box office phone number, e-mail or website. You could also choose to make a group reservation yourself if you have a connection to the theater or production. Please tell us whether tickets must be reserved or purchased by RSVP date.)
  • Your Contact E-mail (This can be kept private, but let us know if you want it posted – particularly if you’re making the group reservation, or arranging a pre- or post-show meet, etc.)
  • RSVP Cut-Off Date

NOTE: We’re here to help get the word out and facilitate groups to see plays by women, but we need you to be the ultimate go-to person for any FPI Meets you initiate – we’re all in this together, working together.

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LA Theater Task Force

  1. I would like to be involved with this wonderful organization. As a female playwright who is currently putting up my solo show, I would like to invite everyone from LA FPI. I also want to go out and support my fellow female writers.
    Thank you!

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