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New Works Play Festival by Dina Morrone, Nalsey Tinberg, Barbara Beery, Amy Simon, Elayne Heilveil, Arden Teresa Lewis

Play readings.

January 24: MY UTERUS (a womb with a view) by Dina Morrone. Dina digs deep into her pelvic cavity to explore what the Uterus really is, what it means to own one, and to probe and examine how it continues to get screwed over and over again, by those who have no business being in there.

January 31: Muscle Memory by Nalsey Tinberg. Pain and Loss. History and memory. Can friendship survive?

February 7: How High the Moon by Barbara Beery. On July 4th, 1952, neighboring families in the San Fernando Valley fight over love, land and the changing times.

March 14: SHE Is History by Amy Simon. Alarmed when her thirteen-year-old daughter plans to do her women’s history report on pop stars Cher, or Janet Jackson, Mom becomes obsessed with and gets inspiration and strength from the unknown, unheralded and forgotten women in history who overcome obstacles and fight for equality and justice. Weaving stories in and out of what turns out to be parallel universes spanning three centuries, she finds empowerment along the way in this funny, enlightening, politically and socially relevant, heart-breaking and emotionally charged slices of modern and herstorical life.

March 21: Nighty Night by Elayne Heilveil. When a tragic incident happens to a young girl in the Bayou, a mother, Pastor, and suspicious stranger struggle to put the pieces together of the puzzle that led to that haunting night.

April 18: Cassatt by Arden Teresa Lewis. Mary Cassatt, the aging Impressionist, stands in her country estate and sets fire to most of her early paintings never to be seen by the art world again. What led this genius of printmaking and paint, the only American Impressionist in the very first show of 1875, to destroy a piece of her legacy?

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January 24 (Tuesday) - April 18 (Tuesday)


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