Anyone is welcome to join us at our LAFPI Gatherings and other events… if you’re a writer who identifies as female, bring 1 page of your work for our Micro-Reads!
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What are Micro-Reads?

We’ve been doing these since our 1st Gathering at Samuel French: quick, fun, informal reads of a page pulled out of a box and read on the spot by whomever’s around. It can be 1 page of a play (or screenplay or narrative), or a 1-page play. Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to have the talents of visiting artists to help us out. (At special events and online “Hook-Ups” we cast professional actors.)

How do they work?

When you arrive at the live Gathering or event, just drop your page into the Micro-Reads box. Depending on how many pieces we have, we may decide to read them all at once, or break them up during our Gathering. Micro-Reads have been a great way to get to know each other’s voices as writers. No pressure, just sharing the work.

We also feature Micro-Reads as part of our Micro-Read Hook-Ups (where they’re focused on a theme and given to women+ directors and a pool of actors; since 2020 these have been held online via Zoom), SWAN Day celebrations and other events. And it’s been fun to add Micro-Reads as an element to our LAFPI Nights at the theater, to see plays by women and include our voices! Guidelines for these may vary.

Check our Events Page to see what’s coming up.

What should I prepare?

  • 1 page selection from a play or screenplay or other material, or a 1-page play – 400 words or less, please. (Dialogue works best but we can be flexible; fine to keep in stage directions or eliminate if you don’t need them.) Only 1 Micro-Read per writer, please. And yes: keep it to ONE PAGE! (Okay, contact info and setting/character breakdown can be on a separate page.)
  • If you have multiple characters, for live events you may want to bring printed copies for all roles/actors. (Alternatively, it’s fine if a couple of readers share one script!) Oh, and please no more than 3 or 4 characters!
  • Please include your name and email/contact info on your material!

What if I’m a male writer?

We love you, but we won’t be reading your work during our Micro-Reads. Chances are, however, we’ll put you to work as an actor! And if you’re gender nonconforming,  let’s talk… we’re all about being inclusive when it comes to getting women+ and nonbinary voices out there, along with stories that need to be heard.

All artists and arts lovers are welcome to eat, drink, chat and connect at LAFPI’s Quarterly Gatherings, and any other events. We hope to see you soon!

Questions? Contact [email protected].

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  1. I love this and think it’s great and inclusive of new/old emerging women writes. Please keep me abreast to when you have something for ALL or writers who specifically regard themselves as Men.


      1. Thanks for your support, Mark! While our events will always focus on female-identifying writers, our eBlasts always contain info for writers of any gender and our events are always open to all!

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