Oink! Oink!

by Erica Bennett

Flashback: March 4, 2014: I squealed. I squealed like a stuck pig, but happier. I bounced up in my chair and grabbed my (face) cheeks in amazement, as I read: “We have chosen the playbill for the 2014 edition of OC-centric: Orange County’s New Play Festival, with production dates of August 21-24 and August 28-31 at Chapman University in Orange. We have selected two full-length plays for production: Bender, Erica Bennett…”

How did that Happen?

You ever feel like that?

What did I do? What did They do? Do they realize what they’ve Done? Given a first full-length production to Me?

It’s funny. I almost didn’t submit it because of the notes I received at a January reading. Okay, not funny. In fact, I would have been really sad to miss out on squealing. And producers, a director, and actors, actors off-book, a set, and Lighting, and make-up, and Music.

I’m still rolling in happiness a week later.

(I must reread that play.)

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