Figuring Things Out

By Nancy Beverly

I don’t know about you but I periodically think someone else has Things Figured Out. Y’know, the perfect balance of creativity, money, job stuff, and time to write. I’m a fan of Ellen “EM” Lewis and yep, I thought she had Things Figured Out. A few years ago she was awarded a fellowship to WRITE FULL-TIME — score! But recently she mentioned in a Facebook post that while she managed to stretch that one year into three years of writing full-time (three new plays to her name!) by living lowcost, doing a few side teaching gigs and getting some commissions,  she’s now realizing her meager earnings are not covering her expenses. So she’s looking for a full-time teaching gig and asks if this is the right thing to do, if it’s the right time… and admits she’s winging it.

She posted her musings at a time when I’ve been swamped at my day job and worried I’m losing my soul to accountants and checks and scanning journal entries (what the fuck are journal entries?!) in the financial world of UCLA.  Up until now, this job has been super good to me — excellent pay, benefits and a fair amount of downtime at my desk to Do Other Things. But not the past few weeks and I don’t know when or if Things Will Get Back to the Previous Reality.

So neither Ellen nor I have Things Figured Out, which is to say life once again reveals itself not to be perfect, and yet, I’m excited because I have rewrites on my screenplay SHELBY’S VACATION to get to because (FINALLY!) I have a director who is going to stick with my project and we’re giving the script this weekend to an excellent script consultant to read for feedback.

I would write about the wonderful Hollywood Fringe Festival, but honestly, I’ve only seen three events (THE BEATING, DOWN IN FRONT, and a slate of shorts from We Make Movies) and I loved them all…  but I don’t have time to write about them and I don’t have the time to see more, alas.  So, only one blog from me this week.

And now, back to my script.  Hope your rewrites are going well!

2 thoughts on “Figuring Things Out

  1. I’m a fan of EM Lewis too. 3 for 1 are some darn good odds. Kudos to you, Ellen! May “Heads” roll from the east coast to the west and back again bringing you increase. May all your worlds catch fire and draw crowds.
    Nancy, I wonder if anyone has it figured out. I just want to be doing my craft. Right now I am trying to think of more creative ways to keep doing it. I understand the not having time for anyone else’s craft but your own because at some point you have to do you in order to be you. Maybe there is no figuring out only doing the work and letting it catch hold and land and move and fly… Looking forward to making time to go see “Shelby’s Vacation” one day… Take Wings!

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