Last March I began writing a gratitude list in my journal every night before I went to bed. The practice was supposed to be for 40 days.  The practice was inspired by Melody Beattie’s book Make Miracles in 40 Days, and I liked doing it so much (and things began happening that were pointing to the miracle I wanted), that I’ve kept it up ever since.   I won’t explain Melody’s thinking, she does it well enough in the book.

But I thought I’d share some of my gratitude from this week related to the Tactical Read of my play Handcrafted Healing that L.A.F.P.I. sponsored Tuesday night.

First a shout out to fellow L.A.F.P.I. bloggers Robin Byrd and Jen Huszcza as well as director Harriet Lewis for attending.

A big thank you to my fellow Fierce Backbone writers and actors who came — your presence very much helps foster the feeling of community in our group.

A tip of the hat to friends Carol and Stewart who were in the audience — what a joy to see you both.

Blessings to the actors who donated their time and talents to the reading.  I know it was tough doing it with just two rehearsals — as I said to a couple of them, you had to walk & chew gum & relate & ride a roller coaster & read lines all at the same time and that’s difficult.  Thank you for your vulnerability and passion on stage, you willingness to dive in and commit to the characters.  They very much seemed alive to me.

Thank you to director Sabrina Lloyd who took on this job and then had a number of life challenges come your way in August and September.  Thank you for persevering.

Finally, mucho gratitude to Sabina Ptasznik for putting it all together and your support in countless ways.

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