It’s hard to believe that the lafpi is already moving into its third year and I’d like to thank Laura, Jennie and Ella, who got us all together. I’ve met some terrific people as a result of this supportive group and am grateful for it.

The Holidays for me are always a time for thinking about family and old and new friends with gratitude and fondness. It’s a joy to reconnect with the good people who helped us keep going when we were watering the soup, and the ones who stuck around when we’d fattened up a bit, the ones with whom we share old stories and plot new adventures, who like to laugh.

That’s why I ask, “Why oh why are we supposed spend the holidays hitting the stores to buy, buy, buy?” (I know the answer to that. I’m just whining.) But, I mean, really. Television would have me believe that we are all going about giving new cars to our newest and dearest. With big red bows on the roofs. Whoa. Or purchasing big glittery pieces of jewelry. And big red toolboxes and big bottles of cologne and vodka (vodka, I can see.)

And why oh why oh why aren’t there more Holiday songs? Or fewer? (I know the answer to that, too.) When I’ve heard Winter Wonderland or worse, Deck the Halls, or even worse, Rudolph, the Rednosed Reindeer, over and over and over again in Ralph’s and Macy’s (you have to do a little shopping) on the TV and radio, or blaring from loudspeakers in open air malls, when I can’t wait for January, when I have to staunch my screams, I remember that there’s an antidote.

I go home, have a cup of tea and listen to Pete Seeger’s Precious Friend.

Now that’s a song for the Holidays. Come to think of it, for all seasons.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all.

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