In the Company of Women

Today was the first rehearsal of a show in which I’m especially proud to play a role. It’s called “Expressing Motherhood,” and I share a stage with 13 amazing women who  tell stories about…well, motherhood.

There are new moms, experienced moms, singing moms, a divorced mom, a mom who gave birth late in her 40s, a mom who’s due in 3 weeks, a woman who never got to be a mom and a mom who shares a story that will stop your heart.

And then there’s me. The only guy.  Batting clean-up in the show with a personal story about my own mom. I hope you will come see it. We open Wednesday at the Elephant Theatre on Santa Monica.

These women speak such powerful truth: be it funny or furious, sardonic or serious. The stage is bare, but the production is epic.

And I am so fortunate to be in their presence.

It’s the same way I feel about LAFPI. This group has an energy about it that no Super Bowl locker room could ever hope to equal.

When I tell people I’m in a show about motherhood – or a proud member of LAFPI – I get a raised eyebrow or two. And I usually laugh “What can I tell you? Girls are a lot more fun than boys.”  It’s true.

But it’s more than that: women can connect easier, cut through the bullshit faster and get down to business and celebrate what’s truly important in a far more spectacular fashion.

And the food?  It’s always good, and it’s always plentiful. And this fella is just happy to have a seat at the table.

I’m proud to be the first male blogger. Thanks to LAFPI for letting me join your cool club, and congrats on your first anniversary!

6 thoughts on “In the Company of Women

  1. Larry. I can’t think of a better way to end the show than your amazing, beautiful story. You rock!!

  2. Larry- I’m sure you’d be welcome in any cool club. I just love the cast so much; it is wonderful to have such variety. Hopefully, we’ll have lots of people filling the seats this Wednesday through Saturday!

  3. Great post, Larry, and so great to have you on the team! Let us know how long your “motherhood” show at the Elephant runs!

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