by Erica Bennett


I cut off my hair to spite him

And grew it out to spite her.

What is a chameleon

To do when there is no

Environment from which

To transform?

When even with the dawn there is


And the edge of the cliff

Tempting yawns.

From Girlishness


I heard slam poet and activist Andrea Gibson state she was challenged to write only what most scared her. She said, as a consequence, she wrote nothing for six months. But the stuff I’ve seen her deliver, videotaped and uploaded onto Youtube, is so personally challenging, I have to wonder, are her parents still alive? I mean no disrespect. I heard her perform a poem filled with such pain, yet, acknowledge her youthful silence was for the love and sake of her family. When does the unsilence begin? Is it with the death of the family? Or is unsilence, a possible rebirth of the family?

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