So, now, I’m a playwright?!

After pronouncing I would dedicate myself to writing only full-length plays, I wrote a 10-minute play, “A Waffle Doesn’t Cure Insomnia”, in the summer/fall of 2011, and promptly forgot about it. I did remember it in time to revise it and submit it around this fall.

I received word last week that the play was selected for publication in the Best American Short Plays 2011-2012 along with a contract and a request for a bio, production history, and my inspiration for writing it. I am going to receive some money and two copies of the anthology; hard copy and paperback. So, now, I’m a playwright. Wow!!!

I am so excited I can hardly stand it for I will be “legitimately” included in my college library collection and university and college libraries around the country; the library where I work has collected this series since 1990…
So, should I scan the check and cash it or frame it? Or should I exchange the check for a bill and frame it? Or should I exchange the check for a bill, scan it and frame it, and spend the money on a piece of equipment or software? Or buy something frivolous, like a new pair of boots? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “So, now, I’m a playwright?!

  1. Girl, scan it, cash it and copy the bill, frame them both and spend it on whatever you want… đŸ™‚ Congratulations, playwright. Way to go!

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