Gearing up for a new play, part 5: Finding the time and the space to write

So I’ve vacated our 800 square foot coop, an agreement I have with my writer husband. There’s something about having two writers in the house at the same time: as if the other person is sucking all the creative energy out of the place. We both feel it. And so we agree to give the other person some solo time at home.

Today’s my day to clear out.

One advantage to living in DC, you can jump on the bus and in five minutes find yourself surrounded by Smithsonians and other museums.

I began the day at the Hirshhorn. There’s a terrific room on the third floor, wall to wall windows, electrical plugs, comfy chairs. Except they’re hosting some sort of event tonight (museums are forever hosting events here!) and closed off what I call “the writing room.”

Plan B involved snagging one of the small metal tables and chairs in the lobby. Noisy, but somehow reassuring to be surrounded by strangers and cacophony. I happily spent a couple of hours pounding out a script for work.

And then I was starved.

So I hiked a block and a half to the Smithsonian Castle Cafe for Mexican hot chocolate and a banana and am going to try to work on my script.

Yesterday was a good day. Why not today?

It’s so hard to find a regular schedule. And good places to write. I’m always appreciative of great tips. Do you write before or after the day job? Where?

One DC writer, DW Gregory, says she’s a binge writer, scribbling great amounts at a time blocked out for nothing else. I know that won’t work for me. I’m too easily distracted.

Suggestions, please?

One thought on “Gearing up for a new play, part 5: Finding the time and the space to write

  1. I write up into the wee hours of the morning mostly when the neighbors are blasting whatever it is they bast. I write on the job while walking to get lunch, sometimes I sit on the stairs in the Mezzanine area, sometimes I go into an empty conference room. If I’m really in a story, I write down spurts to remind me later as I am working all day long. I write after I clock out before I drive home. I write in my head on the way into work (don’t like that so much because traffic is a beast and I can’t stay in the vein as I must watch for crazies.)

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