Friday Night

The reading of Water Closet by the White Horse Theater Company at the New York offices of the Dramatists Guild was last Friday night from 7:30 to 9:00pm.

It followed my barely surviving a bicycle rickshaw ride from 42nd Street to the hotel. Which was followed by a call to a producer at KTLA to confirm my live interview on the Sunday Edition at 8:00pm to promote the Museum of Teaching and Learning’s November 17th screening of Mendez v. Westminster: Families for Equality at the Old Orange County Courthouse.

However it preceded our landing an hour late on Sunday and being chauffeured by my friends to Sunset and the 101, so I could change clothes in the car on the way. Thank God for the make-up artist.

Anyway, the reading of Water Closet was last Friday night. But then I wrote that already. Please don’t believe my tap dancing around the reading in anyway qualifies it as less than a success. This is merely my way of building suspense. Or writing poorly, depending upon your perspective. I will write this. The reading was so fully realized from direction, casting, to performance that I could actually hear the issues with the play.

There was no time for a talk-back. However the comment cards are coming in. They were all pretty much confused as to why the character of Mary is so angry… After being trained not to include stage directions, I was encouraged to include stage directions, so that I might better create the world of the play. I need transitions, foreshadowing, more exposition, a better spine. Look at entrances and exits.

Guess what I’ll be doing after cooking next Thursday. Is it a coincidence Water Closet begins on Thanksgiving Day?

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