Snow day!

I’m driving in a snow storm – it’s coming down so hard that I can barely see the road signs and my back window defrosters are having a hard time keeping the snow from piling up… which means I can’t see for beans… And I’m thinking “I could turn around… I could turn around and just stay in town with the Fella and be done with this snow/slush/siding car nonsense…”

But my laptop…

My laptop is 8 miles away…

If I had that with me, I’d have no qualms whatsoever about bunking down for the inevitable snow-day… But instead, I’m white-knuckling my ass through the snow.

WHAT. Is. WRONG. With. ME?

There is a very good chance I’m obsessed.

Because I’m not even going to pretend I can excuse this behavior with the heat of a rewrite or even the flush of a first draft, oh no…  No, I’m concerned with things like blogging and email and… well… what if I wanted to do some re/writing?  What would I possibly do?!

Pick up pen and paper, perhaps?

GAH!!!!  The thought gives me the heebie-jeebies!  What does it mean that technology holds me (and presumably some of you) in such a cold, hard, technical grasp?

So I keep driving…

Because there are few things I “need” to feel at ease in any location – my laptop, my cell phone, my camera (and of course, if we’re doing the whole “the house is on fire, what do you grab?” thing, my family and my cats… and my hard drives and blankets)  – and I’ll be damned if this snow is going to keep me from them…

I am technology’s little snow-covered bitch.

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