The dreaded “M” word – Marketing

Back in the dark ages, when I was an actor, I spent most of my time marketing myself to get that next job. Pictures, postcards, showcases, it was exhausting.

And now, as a playwright, I spend so much of my limited time sending out plays, writing query letters, sending out – again – postcards, trying to let the world know about my plays. It’s exhausting.

I’d be curious to know your regime. Do you have a website? What do you have on it? Is it useful? Has it led to any productions or readings?

Do you send out postcards for every show? Who do you send them to?

I’m putting together a new postcard right now. I’ve got my pal Arnold ( to design one touting my many successes and I’m going to send it out to every theatre in LA and DC. And everywhere I’ve ever submitted. And every regional theatre in the country. But does anyone really read these things or do they go straight to the trash?

Got any other ideas?

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