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Sexual Harassment & Abuse in the LA Theater Community

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LAFPI is proud to be among the grassroots supporters helping to distribute a survey created by Project Nongenue in order to gain a better understanding of our community’s experiences of sexual harassment and abuse, and assess the need for a Safety Net to protect all artists, theaters and theatermakers.

Please contribute to this survey if you are over 18 and work or have worked in Los Angeles area theater. It is a one-page survey and will take 2-5 minutes of your time.Your responses are completely anonymous and cannot be traced back to you; all responses are optional.

Click Here for the LA Theater Community Climate Survey.

Southern California Theater Living Document

This document is open to ALL ARTISTS who work or have worked in Southern California Theaters, compiling first hand accounts of racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/microagressions etc. in order to hold individuals and companies accountable.

This is a living document that will contain detailed experiences of within the Southern California theater community. Yes, you you may submit anonymously, but this document is about naming names, not collecting numbers.

It will be similar to the document that exists in the Bay Area, which has sparked a national movement among theater communities:

Add your voice here:
You can also email your experiences directly to:

Click Here for the So Cal Living Theater Document.

Thank you for your help as we build a safer environment for local theatermakers!