Pandemic woes

Ugh. I have started and re-started this first paragraph too many times to mention. And I think that is indicative of my writing in general as of late. When the world shut down, almost a year ago now, I was fine. Working from home, something that I have been doing for 5+ years, was nothing new for me. I was writing up a storm, holding a weekly writing space. I was taking classes from around the country and loving it!

But for some reason when 2021 rolled around, I am now done. I am paralyzed and cannot write. Like this blog post, I have several started plays, a stack of notecards with random sentences, notebooks with bits of ideas, and I can’t move past that.

I want to write plays because I feel you can discuss issues immediately. Write the play, put it up. And yes in our present day world, Zoom theater is the norm and your casts can be global, so what’s stopping you, ok me?

Reaction. I thought I had a grown a thick skin, ready for the criticisms, but now I feel judgment and cancel culture will come for you. Strangers re-tweeting what other people have said about you, never once asking you for the real story, and you’re done.

I really want to say more about this. Figure this out. Move past the moments. But how do you do that?

….so maybe I’ll finish that play?


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