You’re Awesome

By Tiffany Antone

Artists observe. We live outside the realm of now, in a place that exists way-back-when and also tomorrow.  We search for patterns, for gross inconsistencies, for tropes, for absurdities.  We listen to the ever quickening pulse of mankind and then do our level best to translate it into something resembling… something… and it gets labeled art.  We deliver this art to those whose feet are more rooted to the planet – the people we’ve been observing – in the hope that it helps them see what we see so clearly from our creative outer space.

We are a weird people.  And a special people.  Insufferable, determined, scattered, brave – there is something dangerous to living in the grey.  Strange things happen in the art-making place.   We can be harder on ourselves than we ever are on anyone else.

But it’s Valentine’s Day.  A day to be kind to yourself.  A day to thank your Muse.  A day to look with love at this insane existence, our existence, and just breathe.

Because you’re awesome.


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