Tactical Reads from The Vagrancy


Who needs another play reading series in this town?

Directors do.  Especially women directors who want to find women playwrights to work with, and new plays to produce.

The goal of Tactical Reads is to find amazing, unproduced plays by Los Angeles female playwrights…

and pair them with amazing women directors who connect with the material and want to see it onstage.

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Produced by The Vagrancy,
Tactical Reads are all about creating a practical collaboration
that always keeps an eye on the endgame: a full production.

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How Tactical Reads Works

  •  Tactical Reads are presented in January, March, May, September and November.
  •  Female Playwrights based in LA are invited to submit full length plays on an ongoing basis. (You do not have to be an LA FPI member to submit; LA FPI supports and promotes this project, but Tactical Reads are selected and presented by The Vagrancy.)
  •  Playwrights should include with their submission: 1)  a short synopsis of the play, and 2) any notes about its development history  – how many drafts? any previous readings, workshops, etc.?
  •  The  Tactical Reads Artistic Committee (directors, male and female) will review all submissions. A female director will select a play and playwright she feels has production potential and is a good fit for her sensibilities.  She’ll contact that playwright and see if it’s a go.
  • Actors from The Vagrancy company will be cast in the readings whenever possible.

(Know that Tactical Reads appreciates all submissions, but unfortunately, we are not able to respond to all playwrights who submit. Your understanding is greatly appreciated!)

  •  Plays presented through Tactical Reads will receive limited rehearsals; the nature of the reading (i.e. extent of staging, technical elements, etc.) will be determined by the collaborating team.
  •  Following the Tactical Reads, there will be a moderated talkback focusing on the future of the play at hand and the director and palywright’s specific “Target”. (Read More Here.)

Through this process, the Tactical Reads Artistic Committee hopes to decide on a play by a LA female playwright and find the means to fully produce it in Los Angeles.  Then, keep moving forward from there!

For more information contact tactical.reads@gmail.com.

From Tactical Reads Director Sabina Ptasznik:

“The reason for this whole series is this:  as a female director in LA, I was feeling like it was very difficult to get to know awesome female writers.  I wanted to get to know them so I could work with them.  With a series like this, we can actually find writers to pair with other collaborators and bring the directing and production community closer to the writing community.  And really talk about getting shit done if we are passionate about said shit.  This is what I would like to see happen.

Yeah?  Sounds like a party to me.”


  • By Begonya Plaza, January 10, 2014 @ 9:22 pm

    Wondering if you will accept my play, though I live between both coasts. Los Angeles where I grew up and where my family still lives and New York where I am currently residing.
    I am looking forward to sending you my play, Teresa’s Ecstasy, which was produced Off-Broadway at Cherry Lane Theater, in 2012. if you are interested.
    Thank you,

  • By jenniewebb, January 11, 2014 @ 8:41 am

    Hi Begoyna – I know some of the Tactical Reads have been plays by women who are part-time Angelenos, or live nearby. So do send queries to tactical.reads@gmail.com. Congrats on your production and good luck!

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