Attn Instagramming Instigators

We’d love to post about your shows & projects!

Send us your INSTAGRAM-READY artwork, and we’ll blast and promote to the best of our online abilities.

Please send to  following the simple guidelines below.

There are two types of images that work well for us:

  • great rehearsal stills, and
  • flyer artwork

Send us anything you want, but make sure it’s attached as a file (do not drag and drop!) and

  1. clear, good quality photography (jpegs are best) or video
  2. easy to read if there’s text
  3. compelling and really shows what your work is about
  4. already cropped as you’d like it to appear on Instagram: square, portrait or landscape

Check out for examples of what works! (And be sure to tag us at @thelafpi in your own posts.)

In your email,  send info for your post – formatted in a way that we can easily cut and paste, please! Be sure to include:

  1. show name, playwright’s name and a one-sentence description
  2. location/dates/times/other pertinent details including any hashtags
  3. any web links or where to get tickets
  4. your Instagram handle, the handle of your theater company, theater space and/or handles of any of the performers pictured, if you can!

LA FPI Instagram Qs? DM us  @thelafpi or email

Thanks, congratulations, and we look forward to seeing (& supporting) what you’re up to.

And be sure to keep up with us at!