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04janallday28marSOLOFEST 2020shows by Kristin Dennis, Amanda Miller, Heather Keller, Saurabh Kikani, Natacha Ruck, Pamela Najera, Rebecca O'Brien, Megan Rippey, Claudia di Martino, Rene Pena, Kamakshi Hart, Heather Dowling, Pam Levin, Mattilyn Rochester Kravitz and more


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The annual Whitefire Theatre SOLOFEST 2020 runs January 4 through March 28. 80 shows in 90 days, the majority of them written by women!

Performances are scheduled for select Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 8:00 pm; Sundays at 3pm and 7:30 pm.

For more information & schedule visit www.whitefiretheatre.com

Shows by female artists are:

January 4 – February 8 (Saturdays & Sundays) Ladies First written by Kristin Dennis and Bob Garrett, directed by Bob Garrett performed by Kristin Dennis

Ms. Dennis celebrates 12 women who had made a major contribution to society and the women’s movement. All monologues are original based on interviews, quotes and speeches and music by Kate Bush, Alicia Keys and Stephen Sondheim. Runs Saturdays at 8:00pm and Sundays at 3pm & 7:30pm

January 9 – A Jew In The Ashram written and performed by Amanda Miller, directed by Rachel Evans.

A young woman studies yoga on an Indian ashram, a cheerful guru’s lessons provoke reflections on the role of Judaism in the lives of her late father and his mother, a Holocaust survivor he never met. A funny, poignant story exploring spiritual healing and identity.

 January 10 – Chemo Barbie written and performed by Heather Keller, directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson.

Heather’s world was rocked by a breast cancer diagnosis. A true heartbreaking & comedic journey of growth filled with love, friendship & betrayal.

January 12 – 7:30pm – Baccalaureate written, directed and performed by Saurabh Kikani

When the painfully shy Saurabh Kikani was 16, he went to Oxford University for a high school summer program. He saw the movie Mission: Impossible and his life changed forever.

January 15 – Your Good For Nothing, I’ll Milk The Cow Myself written and performed by Natacha Ruck, directed by David For

Natacha stepped into her French grandmother’s kitchen in the hope of a birthday present. But the gift-wrapped box on the windowsill was only the latest salvo of a multi-generational battle – and Natacha found herself on the front lines.

January 16 – Too Old, Too Asian, Too Short written and performed by Pamela Najera, directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson

She was a typical obedient Filipina, destined to be a licensed registered nurse. But then a twist of fate occurs and her life opens up in to the exciting world of entertainment as a magician’s assistant and cruise ship dancer.

January 19, 7:30pm – Getting There! written, directed and performed by Rebecca O’Brien

On the Bus to & from treatments to Cedars in Hollywood, now in Remission, the miracles of traveling with strangers is celebrated.

January 22 – Deer Woman: An Autobiographical Fairytale of an Exotic Dancer written and performed by Megan Rippey, directed by Valerie Hager

An exotic dancer’s vision of a mythological creature disrupts her identity and transforms her into her own monster

January 23 – It’s Only Lipstick written and performed by Claudia di Martino, directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson

This Brooklyn Baby survived the dysfunction of growing up in an Italian-American family in Brooklyn, weathering the insanity of being a marketing executive in the beauty industry, and a life-changing event of going after her dream.

January 24 – Traveling With Angels written, directed and performed by Rene Pena

Experience this inspiring true story and get swept up in the adventure of a lifetime!  Witty, brave, beautiful!  Traveling with Angels is an homage to the people in life who give us all the strength and love we need to continue on without them

January 26, 7:30pm – Wild At Hart written and performed by Kamakshi Hart, directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson

A heroine’s journey to self-actualization and wholeness through the lens of spiritual discovery and soul.

January 29 – Fertile written and performed by Heather Dowling, directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson

Jenny’s test results keep coming back negative. That’s when she runs into real problem and questions about fertility. Ultimately, she must look within to discover what motherhood and fertility means to her.

January 30, 8pm/ February 4, 8pm/ March 12, 8pm – Motherhood Part 2 written, directed and performed by Pam Levin

Her 5-year old plays with boys, dresses like a boy and even says she wanted to be a boy. Welcome to the modern world of parenting. This is her story of navigating unchartered waters – with zero tools in her toolbelt.

January 31 – The Long Goodbye. A Mother Who Can’t Remember, A Daughter Who Can’t Forget written and performed by Mattilyn Rochester Kravitz, directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson

A rollercoaster ride, filled with music and storytelling. An adult coming of age story with the backdrop of Alzheimer’s.

February2, 3pm – Dear Yoko

Anzu’s growth as a woman and an artist who grew up on American TV where Asians were sadly under and misrepresented. The only famous Asian woman at the time was Yoko Ono and the world made her a scapegoat.

February 2, 7:30pm/ February 27, 8pm/ March 20, 8pm – Tied Up In Knotts

Ms. Knotts takes you on a personal journey of growing up with her famous comedian dad, Don Knotts. The show is filled with stories about his iconic and loveable character, Barney Fife.

February 6 – Apocalypse Not Now!

Carla is driven to living in her closet by the cruelty of the world when a modern apocalypse in the form of natural disasters bonds her with misfit neighbors.

February 7 – Learning To Human

After surfacing from 16 years of addictions at 32, and not having a clue about how to be a human. Sims shares her journey through drawings, dance breaks and poetry, weaving a tale that is at once hilarious and heartbreaking.

February 10 – Shattered

A fast-paced, comedic and heartbreakingly raw solo show about dating, dysfunction, and sexual devastation – told through the voices of 35 characters. Shattered triumphantly tells the tale of picking up the broken pieces of oneself and putting them back together again

February 15 – March 7 – Billie! Backstage with Lady Day

A biography about Billie Holiday in the style of Billie preparing for her concert talking to reporters about her life, followed with a concert!   Runs Saturdays at 8pm

February 16, 7:30pm – Wake Up Little Susy

Story of a woman’s journey from incest, fundamental Christianity and crazy love life to peace. Confronts religious hypocrisy, sexual taboos in a daring, sometimes hilarious way.

February 17 – Love After Death

A comedic exploration of all the neurotic tendencies and defense mechanisms between “me” and something called happy. If she can get out of her own way, she just might figure it out. Then again, it might be the death of her.

February 19 – Ma’s Kitchen

With a comical yet dramatic unfolding, we are enticed with the narrator’s cooking. We witness Maeria’s loss of her pregnancy unravel and as her mom, the narrator, parallels the story to the making of her secret tomato sauce.

February 20 – Life Lessons From An Italian Mama

Ms. Perrotta takes a look at the wildly interesting people that have been on her life’s journey – crazy old Italian relatives, marriage, divorce, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.

February 23, 7:30pm – The Book That Won’t Close, Confessions of a Love Addict

A bi-culturally fluid Deaf woman confronts her shame about how being deaf or hearing enough when she meets a transgendered coach who walks who thru healing and integration for her love addiction

February 28 – Surviving Minnesota Nice

A comedic tale of one woman’s attempt at surviving the social chasm of feminism vs. misogyny from 1964 to present, all while maintaining being “Minnesota Nice.”

March 2 – And The Beat Goes On A comedic cabaret about trying to hit the right notes

A mature nurse recounts through songs and humor her transformations from a life of privilege to a life full of anxiety and depression…then happiness.

March 4 – From Crazy to Sane – Or Am I?

Mary’s story of madness and her recovery journey using psychological tools, ancient knowledge and guidance from a Magical Mystical Realm.

March 5 – Transcending The Mirror

A cisgender woman’s up-close and personal experience of her transgender girlfriend’s transformation as she ultimately realizes the relationship was never meant to be. Dana generously shares her vulnerability, humor, and compassion.

March 6 – Island Girl: A Rescue Mission

While seeking the spirit of her dead mother, Mele encounters her ancestors who were early missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands. She explores six generations of Lyman women living in Hawaii beginning in 1832. Mele discovers a magic within that she just may have inherited.

March 8, 7:30pm – Silent Witnesses

They were kids. they were pretty. They were hidden “on the outside,” satellites spinning in their own private orbit, until they found each other and tell their stories for the first time.

March 9 – Soul Trek: My Sci-Fi Journey Toward Wholeness

Using humor, music, images, Ms. Mendenhall explores how she came to create an “enemy within” as a child and her struggles with her, “Miss Perfect,” over her life.

March 11 – Deconstructing Holly

While undergoing cancer surgery to remove her lady parts, Holly floats in the space between life and death. With humor, Holly embodies a cast of characters who have come and gone in her life, leaving their footprints on her soul.

March 14 – My Name is Mommy

A celebration the exhilaration of motherhood, balancing poetic passages with humorous detours into the modern realities of raising small children. April moves forward and backward through time, exploring the pressures and the promises of parenthood.

March 15, 3pm – Here’s To Life

As Ava Gardner awaits her “Martini shot” in her trailer, she imbibes with and confides in her make-up artist many a titillating tale of her past.

March 15, 7:30 – HOLLYWOODN’T

Ms. Verlo takes a personal trip across Hollywood’s unsettling salacious landscape getting into grey area of coercion and consent on LA casting couches.

March 16 – PostPardon Me

A one-woman serio-comedy follows a new mom through her surprising postpartum journey and deep into the trenches of toddlerhood. Will this tiny human and newly disheveled husband ever let her take an uninterrupted shower again?

March 17 – Cry For Wolf

Left to clean up all the messes, the protagonist picks up survivor’s guilt and responsibilities she had not been fully trained for. A tale of family dynamics and forgiveness and ultimately survival.

March 18 – Confessions of a Catholic Nymphomaniac

At age 25, Emma is slut-shamed by an Irish national tabloid newspaper. This is her story and how she made peace with her shame.

March 19 – Effing Robots: How I taught the A.I. to stop worrying and Love

After getting hit on by a chatbot, one horny Science Fiction nerd is on a quest to make it with a new AI overlord.

March 21- I Am Sophie

An exploration of identity in which YOU become the confidante to Sophie. When Sophie leaves Paris for Minnesota to care for her father, her loved ones meet her authentic self for the first time! What follows is an existential adventure.

March 22, 7:30pm – A Self-Hate Crime: A Comedy of Truth, Justice, and Neurosis

What happens when you’re put on trial, accused of a self-hate crime? Can the defendant be guilty even if she meditates, does yoga and is gluten-free? Find out if justice will be served in this angst-ridden comedy.

March 23, Sandra Robbie’s Lady Parts

As the “World’s Oldest Intern,” Sandra produced the Emmy-winning documentary on OC desegregation case Mendez v. Westminster. Now, she’s joined the male-dominated world of comedy and has a new story to tell.  Wear your pussy hat.

March 24 – Excuse Me, That’s My Shadow! How To Love Life…and Hate Everyone Else

An Immature Middle-Aged Woman seeks some just a little happiness and fulfillment during a 4 -day total-immersion, Tony Robbins Self Help Retreat.

March 25 – Psalms For Inside Times

A self-loathing woman wants to commit suicide after a string of abusive relationships including one by a Catholic priest. Witness what happens.

March 26 – Emotional Garbage

A hilarious hybrid of song, dance, comedy and characters reminding us to be careful of what you dump. One person’s dysfuntionality is another person’s charm.

March 27 – Becoming Peace: A rhythmic dramedy about Power, Culture, Violence and Nonviolence

Explores the Power and Possibility of Nonviolence – how Life and the World transform when we “attack the wrong – not the wrongdoer!”

March 28 – “That Money Show

From Spiritual ATMs to Cryptocurrency, when Carla accidentally stumbles into a new-agey “Bank of the Future”, operating much like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, she begins to realize her self-worth might be at the root of her net worth.


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