Women: Where Are You Working?

To submit an LA-area show (production, workshop or reading) by a female playwright to Women at Work Onstage or Women on the Fringe, please use the form below.

  • In Show Info, please include (in this suggested order)
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It’s okay to leave any fields that don’t apply blank. Questions or problems? Contact lafpi.onstage@gmail.com.

For more promotional opportunities, contact lafpi.updates@gmail.com. Connect with us @theLAFPI, Instagram @thelafpi (info here: lafpi.com/events/instagram-info) & facebook.com/LAFPI. And please help us spread the word by using the LA FPI Logo in your program and putting badges in your lobby!

NOTE: If you’re working out of town, or have an announcement or discount you’d like included in our EBlasts to members send a short (50-75 words) request for consideration to info@lafpi.com. Deadlines are 28th & 13th of each month.

Thanks, and see you at the theater!

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