When your play follows you around the house…

Nocturne, Artwork by Cynthia Wands, 2018









by Cynthia Wands

The last few days I’ve been hearing some wild stories, and revisiting memories that seem directly broadcasted to the rewrites I’m doing . Some of the stories and phrases stalk me and won’t leave me alone until I write them down.  It’s like being followed by a twenty pound cat that just wants to escort you around the house and walk in between your legs.

(That would be Ted.)





And I’m hearing unexpected stories about ghosts and hoarding and old houses.

I know it’s because my antenna is on and I’m hearing the words I’m looking for. But it is a bit overwhelming: is my writer’s radar on and that’s why I’m hearing these things? or is a form of psychosis? previous lives manifesting themselves in voices?

It seems a bit mad, to be obsessed with sorting through imaginary conversations and places and things, and witnessing such electric connections.  But that’s the assignment here in the rewriting. I have my work cut out for me.

I’ll just have to watch out for that cat walking next to me in the hallway.

















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