More than one person

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From a wonderful article on story telling:

“The most important thing that I think fiction does [is that] it lets us look out through other eyes … but it also gives us empathy. The act of looking out through other eyes tells us something huge and important, which is that other people exist.”

“The reason why story is so important to us is because it’s actually this thing that we have been using since the dawn of humanity to become more than just one person… Stories are ways that we communicate important things, but … stories maybe really are genuinely symbiotic organisms that we live with, that allow human beings to advance.”


Neil Gaiman on How Stories Last

This article by Neil Gaiman reminds me of  a saying I heard my Irish grandfather repeat to me when I was a child:

“Do you want the truth or do you want the story?”

And you know, every time, I would much rather listen to the story.





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