“None of us owns art. Not even the artists who create it. And yet, we all own it, and it shifts as we shift.”

Three hands of art: why it matters

by Cynthia Wands

On Saturday, ArtsWatch’s Bob Hicks spoke on this basic question to the national sales meeting of Pomegranate Communications, the Portland-based publisher of fine art books.

I’m very much taken with this article on the Oregon Artswatch site.  Some of the comments really landed front and center with me:

“An artist of any kind is a witness to the universe, and because the universe is both micro and macro, what she sees can be wide or deep, large or small.”

My world has been pretty small this year, with much focus on medicine and treatment and recovery.  I’m watching other artists/writers delve into the enormous outside world and pursue projects and contacts and new arenas, and I marvel that they have the stamina and courage to risk such exposure.

And then I read something like this article, and I get to see that art is everywhere.

Three hands of art: why it matters


Bird Pins











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  • By Robin Byrd, December 10, 2014 @ 10:15 am

    Love this. And the quote is timely…I am studying Michelangelo, his art and his poetry. I can never go too long without revisiting his work. When I started pulling out the books and looking at the pictures, I was very amazed at the feeling that came over me — I felt like his art was a part of my life like my siblings are and I could not imagine it not being in my world. How odd I thought…to feel this way…, then I read your piece and that lovely quote… Thanks.

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