Facing the ghosts: Eugene O’Neill and Tao House

This wonderful article:

Facing the ghosts: Eugene O’Neill and Tao House

by Laura Shamas can be read on the HOLLYWOOD JOURNAL website under the “Industry Impressions” section.  I found Laura’s article to be well written, informative and to be honest comforting.  We, artists, have our ways of being that make us who we are and who we are is what sets the pitch and frequency of our voices and the stories we tell…  Please go here to read it.



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  • By Laura S, August 3, 2014 @ 3:59 pm

    Robin, thank you so much for this! I’m so glad you found the post to be of interest. I know what you mean about “comforting,” too. One thing that really struck me was how focused and disciplined O’Neill was about his writing at Tao House. Also, that he moved back and forth between two desks. They say movement, such as a walk, does help the brain and creativity…

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