Yin and the Yang

Except for my last two blog posts I haven’t written a creative word before the “I” in this sentence since January. In the meantime, I’ve worked with people. The operative word is people. As in flesh and blood human beings who are sensitive and have needs, like understanding, respect, and attention. All good things, of course.

However, for four months a year I work with puffs of smoke, characters of my imagination, who interact with each other, want each other, and who only need me in so much as I give them voice. Working with human beings is necessary, important and fulfilling, but it makes me long for solitude and stories that need to be told.

And I am reminded that all of our lives are filled with just these types of complimentary forces. One does not exist without the other. Thank you for the blessings of my life.

There is no yin without the yang.

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