Happy Anniversary: LAFPI Turns Four!

Four years from March 6, 2010 and still going strong!  We’ve grown a lot, learned a lot and stayed the course…


The Los Angeles Females Playwrights Initiative (LA FPI) was started by Laura Shamas and Jennie Webb.  We thank these ladies for their leadership and greatly appreciate them for igniting the fire…

LA FPI started with the Study to see what the figures were in gender parity in theater in Los Angeles, we still find ourselves  taking Stock and looking at/for changes regardless of the size.  We continue to celebrate women on stage, we question theaters with seasons void of the female voice, and always look at the numbers problem and why it matters to us and should matter to everyone else.

Thank you for joining us.



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6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary: LAFPI Turns Four!

  1. Anniversaries sneak up. 4 years! (with lots of networks opened and opening up because of you, you and you.) Thank you.

  2. Robin, thank you so much for this kind post. It is so wonderful how many fantastic, talented people are working towards the common goal of gender parity in the arts (and the world). I am so grateful to you, Robin + Jennie, Lynne, the fabulous award-winning blog team, Laurel, Debbie, Tiffany, and everyone else doing the hard work of bringing the needed changes. You inspire me daily. I am grateful to/for all of you.

    Can’t wait to see what LA FPI accomplishes by this time next year! Yay LA FPI!

    1. You are so right about all the other ladies who contribute; I am always so amazed at the talent and spunk of our many members and I haven’t met all of them…

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