Beyond my wonderful work week, I write.

by Erica Bennett

One of the tricks I use to keep myself writing is the self-imposed deadline. My deadlines are usually not “get it done by Sunday so I can go to a movie.” But, set myself up for a reading, get a date on the reading list, and cast it, all without a finished script. My current deadlines are 12/31/2013 for a draft and 1/4/2014 for a readable draft.

One of the great things about belonging to playwrights groups and listening to new works and critique is when you realize things like I just spent an entire year building characters and improvising with them on the page around which no action occurs? This realization absolutely shocked me. Clearly, I have a problem with conflict.

I am experiencing my first production in exactly six years and the past several months have been glorious. I stepped in as director of my short play for the holidays, Love, Divine. The journey has been filled with humble joy: I did that. The actors own it now. But I did that.

5 thoughts on “Beyond my wonderful work week, I write.

  1. Erica —
    I appreciate you so much. Your candor and the way you make me feel like the shoes we wear are the shoes we wear…and in those shoes we really can make our way around in this theater world without apologizing for the routes we take…and having fun with it.

  2. One more performance, and we are sad to see it end. It’s been quite rewarding to witness actors work with so much faith in a project, and belief in me. It’s humbling.

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