Elephant 15

by Erica Bennett

The best question a director ever asked me was, what animal are you?

I knew my answer before I ever walked on stage; I found my way.


What rhythm drives you? Can you hear it?

Is your music fully formed? Or is it a single drum beat?


I’ve always been drawn to music from my father’s 45s to Karen Carpenter,

From old time rock ‘n roll to Janis Joplin, balladeers to Queen, Linda Ronstadt to Pink.


While I don’t know the language of music, I can articulate how it makes me feel.

When I am sad, it is waves on a moonlit beach. When I am happy, it peals.


I am pealing tonight.

2 thoughts on “Elephant 15

  1. Erica, you are soothing. Or, should I say your words are. I love the calm it brings me. There is so much there — in the spaces — between the first word of each sentence and the period — between the end of each sentence and the beginning of the next… Thanks for sharing.

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