by Erica Bennett

I’m almost embarrassed enough not to write luscious, because it’s a big, fat, sexy word, but I have taken a vow to write what scares me. So, luscious is how the words of praise I received in rehearsal for Bloodletting and Poe feel coming from its director. It took me threeish years to write a piece that spoke to him. While the child inside jumps for joy, old Erica accepted his words with humility. Even though it felt really good, that I had found a perfect collaborator, at the same time I knew this moment may never happen again. I mean that sincerely. It’s hard to tell. We spoke about having that moment, that moment of perfection. We had both experienced it as actors. But can I, as a writer, recreate that perfect storm of insight, skill, and abject need to communicate? Yes, and I don’t know. And it does not matter. Because experiencing it once is good enough. And ironically, in experiencing it once, I now know how it feels and it feels like I can recreate it. So, I am not afraid. Now off to the next one. Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Luscious

  1. Luscious… loving that word, loving your challenge of writing what scares you… and now you’re not afraid… whoo hooo!

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