The Gathering


This blog is not about the latest ad campaign from the Irish Tourism Board.

Hello LAFPI, I’m back blogging. This is my 13th week blogging for LAFPI, and thirteen is a good number for me. No, not superstitious at all. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Also Happy Inauguration Day.

Back on January 12th, I went to the LAFPI gathering at Samuel French in West Hollywood, and it made me all perky and happy. Maybe it was the abundance of sweets on the food table. Maybe it was all the books. I like to think it was all the great people I met. We all got to introduce ourselves. Some of us read work, but the whole proceeding had a nice casual feel to it. I also got to meet the Bitch Pack, and they’re really nice. They’re not Bitches at all. Also, the Vagrancy Theatre was there too, and it’s okay, they do have homes.

Ideas were exchanged along with cards (gotta get some of those) and fliers. What’s cool is that so many writers from so many places can come together and drink wine and eat brownies and exchange ideas. Meanwhile, on one of the bookshelves, Judi Dench looked out from the paperback cover of her memoir and smiled.

Special thanks to Jennie Webb and Laura Shamas, Bitch Pack’s Thuc Nguyen and LA FPI/The Vagrancy’s Sabina Ptasznik for organizing the gathering (or could we call it a salon, does that sound too pretentious?).

There is talk of another gathering in March for Swan (Support Women Artists Now, not the bird) Day or maybe in April for the third anniversary of LAFPI.

As for me, my plan is to blog everyday Monday through Friday this week, so check back for more fun stuff. I plan to talk about my latest conspiracy theory, minimalism, actors, and other wacky playwriting stuff.

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