Odd and End

Here I am. The end of another blog week. The week seemed to fly by. Why does time drag on during the annoying boring times but fly when the good stuff is happening?

It rained in Los Angeles this morning, and the sky is still grey-white. Even though it’s January 25, 2013, you can walk outside with just a sweater. It’s odd weather.

Before I go, I want to briefly talk about ebooks. When I was at the Gathering (see Monday’s post), I mentioned that I had published an ebook. I noticed people light up like I had landed on the moon or something.

What is an ebook? An ebook is a publication that can downloaded onto a reading device like an Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple I-pad, etc. An ebook does not exist in printed book form. It is a digital file. Because you are not creating a physical book, the cost of making an ebook is low.

Because you are just making a digital file, ebooks have become the latest do-it-yourself frontier. You can make your book available to readers around the world. If you have an interest, someone somewhere is probably writing about it.

How did I do it? I think I should tell you two things about me. First, I am not a go-getter self-producer type. I’m just a writer. Second, I am not super technical. I have a windows XP laptop which just keeps going and going. I like how the keys feel under my fingers.

Yet, I published an ebook. I wanted to just get the thing out there, and the response has been great. It seems to be reaching the people it needs to reach. In fact, I’m now planning a second book.

If you have always wanted to do an ebook, check out Smashwords. Also, Amazon is still the top seller of ebooks. Finally, here is a list of links for my ebook.

Thanks for reading. See you next time.


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