Got Time?

I’ve got a piece in rehearsal. I was asked several days ago to submit another, longer piece for consideration for production, based upon my query, which I did. I’m currently working on a trio of pieces that follow the same three female characters and have a well-revised draft of acts one and two. I’m moving into the third tomorrow. I have actors scheduled to come over and read them next Thursday and a reading in front of colleagues the first Saturday of February…

I was going to concentrate my posts this week on the piece I have in rehearsal, but that was until I realized that this writing period of mine ends in exactly two weeks. It ends abruptly, willy-nilly, until the next potentially uninterrupted period of time arrives at the end of the school year in June, the fifth month from now. I would add, I’m sad, but truth is, I’m relieved. I’ve been going at a pace…

I had cancer exactly thirteen years ago. Since then, due to my adverse reaction to one of the chemotherapy drugs, I’ve experienced one or two pneumonias a year. That is, until October of 2011 when my doctors sent me to UCLA after another week-long hospital stay on massive doses of Prednisone and intravenous antibiotics. Surprisingly, even to me, I’ve been pneumonia-free for fifteen months. Even as much as I’d like to say, it’s because I eat, exercise, and sleep well, it’s really because of the legal pharmaceuticals I take to stay well. I am grateful for them.

I saw this meme appear on my Facebook News Feed yesterday. It is attributed to Buddha:

“The trouble is, you think you’ve got time.”

I don’t. Do you?

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  1. Glad your in it knee deep, stomping those grapes and making that wine… It’s always nice to be appreciated while you are present. Congrats!

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