The Package

I recently received an email soliciting for plays; a networking kind of “form” email. Apparently, the producer found my name on a website. Which one, I don’t know; haven’t asked… I wrote back, curious, and turns out we know people in common. We got to chatting via email. I pitched a couple of plays. The producer expressed interest in one and requested a “package”.

Now, if only I had a play. Well I have a play but it was written in 2008 and revised in 2010 and 2011. Neither rewrite was complete or satisfactory to me. I am within days of finishing my latest rewrite and am happy. I met with my director and we are close to submitting “the package”.

This play is different than my usual, “It takes place in somebody’s mind” and it isn’t a psychological drama. It is actually a “straight” drama, or as somebody who has read my recent draft said, “It is my most accessible play.” Of course, it’s set to music in the public domain, so, really, it’s a play with music. But it’s accessible. Apparently.

I liked hearing that.

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